babyboomerWill Neil Hall, our English Baby Boomer, survive the second half of the twentieth century? His journey, beginning in the twilight years of the British Empire, is one of guts, determination and enterprise. Have tough experiences at eccentric prep schools, followed by Marlborough College in the ‘60s, really prepared him for a topsy-turvy Britain? Breaking the mould of a professional middle-class background, our Baby Boomer commits the cardinal sin of going into ‘trade’! Importing fleecy white coats from Turkey brings headaches and adventures. Piloting a 17-year-long London-based decorating and interior design business with a Jewish/Swedish pal provides fun and steep learning curves. Dealings with swinging ’60’s celebrities also adds flavour. Travel and living abroad spice up life, as does a sideline publishing business with his American wife, Lucinda, and writer son, Tarquin, and a taste of Hollywood movie making with younger son, Alexander. Finally, his knowledge of the English Public School system helps him to create a niche market within the Financial Services Industry. All the while, something else preoccupies our Baby Boomer: the quest for a higher reality. The teachings of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and John Godolphin Bennett provoke new thinking, but this search for the truth eventually leads to a fresh avenue of study. Ideas, transported from East to West, become part of his enduring survival kit!

Josceline Dimbleby – food journalist and author ‘A lively account of the ups and downs of a varied but always positive life, evocative of changing eras, described with humour.’

Sir Ranulph Fiennes – author and explorer ‘The most unexpected journey can be right on your doorstep. Witty and deftly constructed, I much admire this true story of an adventurous and enterprising life.’

Irvine Sellar – property developer and financier of The Shard ‘Don’t follow the path that others leave, but make your own path and leave a trail.’

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